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About the Plan

The Public Participation Plan establishes a framework that aims to give the public opportunities for early and continuous participation in important Air Pollution Control District projects, plans and decisions, and provides full public access to key discussions that can inform critical air quality goals for the region.

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What is APCD?

Every breath you take outside is linked to the Air Pollution Control District. Our experts work to maintain and constantly improve our air quality. And you can breathe easier knowing it’s the best it has been in the past six decades. There are many ways we achieve this. We ensure commercial, industrial, transportation and agricultural businesses are permitted and comply with air pollution control laws, and we incentivize cleaner technologies by offering grant funds. We monitor and record air quality using a network of equipment stationed around the county, and alert you to the conditions. Air samples are also tested in the field and labs.

Our field staff inspects both permitted and non-permitted sources of air contaminants and investigates citizen complaints on air quality matters.

We also work to help future generations have clean air through long-term regional plans to reduce unhealthful pollution levels and develop air quality rules.

We are here to help you thrive and look forward to serving you.

Who is involved?

Development of the Public Participation Plan involves collaborating with Community Based Organizations (CBOs), community members, and other partners across the San Diego region, to support effective communication with the public and meaningful engagement.

Equity is a key goal of the Public Participation Plan. Equity priority communities and other disadvantaged populations are part of the development process.

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